Build a moat around your business by monetising your data.

How does Recap work?

No paperwork. Instant quotes. Through smart integrations, our algorithms assess the turnover data of your merchants to determine their funding opportunity.

Upload your brand’s logo and colour palette using our form below, and we’ll show you what embedded funding should look like.

Our data scientists will securely analyse your data to work out just how to put the “fin” in your tech.

Our expert finance team will run the numbers to show you why the commercial opportunity is compelling.

Option One
Earn revenue from day one by becoming a commission partner.

Option Two
Become a funder and particpate in the upside together.

It’s a buzzword for a reason. Everything that’s perfect was once in Beta. It’s time for us to take your purpose-built funding product live before your competitors do.


Create your own platform with Recap.

Recap brings you a custom, embedded funding platform.

You can now provide your merchants with opportunities to grow and the funding to succeed. Upload your brand assets today and launch your platform in less than 10 days.

All you need to know about funding your merchants in one platform.

Our business model is built around our partners. Get in touch today and partner with Recap for merchant growth through embedded funding.