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1. Introduction 

This policy is provided to ensure that you are fully aware of the ‘cookies’ we have in use, allowing you to make an informed choice about your continued acceptance of them. 

2. What are cookies?

To provide you with a seamless experience we sometimes place small files known as cookies on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your browser from a web server and then stored on your hard drive. Cookies enable us to recognize your computer and record information from your visits to the site, such as your preferred settings.  This saves you having to re-enter the same data each time you use the site and allows us to provide you with a more customized experience.

There may be, in addition, other cookies on your browser that are not controlled by Retail Capital, but by our trusted third parties. These third parties set cookies on our Site to better understand you and your searches. We do not accept any liability for such third party’s compliance with its legal obligations under data protection and cookies legislation.

3. What do we use cookies for?

Currently across recap.global we make use of cookies to help manage the Site and your experience. These cookies may be used to collect analytics of non-personal activities, manage personal preferences, provide relevant information to you or offer you focused advertisements.

Cookies set across our Site, set by us or our trusted third party partners, can be in the form of session cookies which only store information for the length of time you are connected to the Site or persistent cookies which only store non-sensitive information that you have consented to both during and after you are connected to the Site.

If you would like to ‘opt out’ of the cookies set by us or our trusted third parties, this can be accomplished on a cookie-by-cookie basis, subject to your browser settings. 

Please note that, if you disable or refuse cookies, some parts of the Site may become inaccessible or not function properly.