Complaints Policy

Retail Capital (UK) Ltd 

Trading as Recap  

At Retail Capital (UK) Ltd we always put our customers first and want your experience with us to be as smooth as possible, to meet or exceed your expectations. Where your experience falls short of expectations, we are committed to working with you to resolve any issues as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Wherever possible, please discuss your concerns with your main contact informally first, as they may be able to resolve them without the need for a formal complaint. However, if your main contact cannot resolve your concerns informally, or if the issue is of such a serious or sensitive nature that you do not feel comfortable raising it with them, please raise your concerns as a formal complaint under this policy.

Please note that the provision of our merchant cash advance product is an unregulated activity and therefore you would not be eligible to complain to the Financial Conduct Authority or Financial Ombudsman Service.

If you have a complaint, please submit it to us in writing to:

Jonathan Field
Retail Capital (UK) Ltd
1st Floor Ariel House,
74a Charlotte Street,
London, W1T 4QJ,
United Kingdom

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your complaint, you may contact us directly on +4420 3002 7206.


We will send you a written acknowledgement promptly, and within five business days of receiving your complaint. Your concerns will be fully investigated and we will endeavour to send you a detailed final response (‘final response letter’) within eight weeks of receiving your complaint.

If you make a verbal complaint, our written acknowledgement will set out our understanding of your complaint. Please make sure our understanding is correct and let us know promptly if anything is missing or inaccurate.

For us to complete a thorough investigation, please include as much information as possible in your complaint. If we need further information from you, we will let you know, and we ask that you respond to our requests promptly so we can handle your complaint as efficiently as possible.

Where we are unable to provide you with our final response letter within the eight weeks, we will send you confirmation of this in writing along with an explanation as to why we have been unable to complete our investigations within this time scale. We will confirm when you can next expect contact from us.

If you have any concerns or you want an update on our progress before you receive the final response letter, you should contact the member of staff whose name appears on the acknowledgement.

Once we have all the necessary information, we will consider the complaint fairly and impartially before giving you our final response letter indicating our decision. You may accept our decision or reject it. If you reject it, we will revisit your complaint in light of any additional comments you make. If you do not respond, we will treat your complaint as closed.

If we have reasonable grounds to be satisfied that another firm may be solely or jointly responsible for the complaint made, we will promptly forward the complaint or the relevant part of it to that firm. We will write to you to confirm our actions and provide contact details of the firm concerned.

We regret any dissatisfaction which our customers experience and, if our investigation concludes that our service has fallen below our usual high standards, we will not hesitate to apologise. We will endeavour to resolve or improve your situation and will take steps internally to ensure that any problems that you have experienced will not reoccur.

Your complaint will be investigated and handled independently of the services we provide to you. This means that we will continue to provide the services to you, and they will not be affected by the complaints procedure, assuming no conflict of interests has arisen and that you continue to comply with the terms of our engagement.

We will not charge you for investigating and responding to your complaint.

This policy was last updated September 2023.