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Frequently Asked Questions.


It depends on the user journey you want to offer your merchants. A light integration can be launched within days. A deeper, more embedded integration takes approximately six weeks to launch.

Typically, we require six months of anonymised transaction data pertaining to your merchant base.

Offers are generated automatically by our internal credit risk engine, based on the anonymised transaction data you share with Recap.

It depends on the level of integration. A deeper integration typically produces conversion rates of 25%.

Yes, we do. Contact our Commercial team at for more information on this.


Recap uses sophisticated credit models to calculate offer amounts for its merchants. The key metrics we consider when calculating an offer amount are revenue history and length of trading. The higher the merchants’ average monthly revenue and the longer their trading history, the higher their offer amount.

Our online application only takes a few minutes.

It depends on the level of access to data. A pre-approved offer means that the approval is instant, whereas other applications can take up to two business days to be approved, but that is still pretty fast right?

A merchant is unable to edit an application that is being processed by our team. However, if they would like to make any changes or submit additional information, they can email this to

We have partnered with leading service providers to provide our merchants with a seamless online application process. The following information may be required:

  • Consent to access your information using open banking (or manually upload of most recent three months’ bank statements).
  • Consent for a soft credit check, which does not affect your credit score.
  • Consent for a debit order mandate.
  • Basic information relating to all authorised signatories.

We will contact you if we need any additional documentation to support your application.

The use of funds is unrestricted. As business owners, merchants know exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses are.

Merchants repay as they trade. That’s why the product is so flexible. Typically, they will repay an amount that is equal to a percentage of their daily or weekly sales. This percentage will be agreed when they accept and sign, and it can be revised from time to time.

Yes, we do allow early settlements and merchants will receive a discount on the initial fee too. The majority of merchants prefer to keep their advance facility open and benefit from the free cash flow. Merchants can contact us via email on to enquire about early settlements.

Merchants can simply log on to the Recap portal and view their balances or request a statement from

No, the fee on merchants’ advances are charged as a fixed percentage of the advance value. This fee is charged upfront, and there are no hidden fees or extra costs.

Once merchants obtain initial funding, the process of obtaining additional funding becomes even easier. Recap offers re-advances to its merchants once a certain amount of their current advance has been paid down. As soon as their re-advance is ready, they will be notified via the Recap portal and we’ll send an email. Alternatively, they can contact us directly to enquire about a re-advance at

Recap is a partner-driven business. Currently our product is only offered via our partner channels, but merchants can always log on the Recap portal to check if they are eligible to apply for a re-advance.

Unfortunately, we do not provide funding for startups. Merchant funding is measured against the average turnover of their business. To be eligible they need to be trading for more than three months.


Recap provides funding without requiring collateral or security. Merchants don’t need assets to take funding.

Yes, we use the best-in-class encryption and security to maintain a secure website. We are GDPR compliant and will only process, record or disclose information related to our credit process to provide merchants with funding. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

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