Embedded Funding for Platforms

Empowering platforms with funding products to enhance your merchant value offering with flexible, turnover-based business funding.

Recap | Embedded Funding Solutions
Recap | Embedded Funding Solutions

One Partner at a time, Recap is levelling the playing field for small businesses globally.

Currently, small businesses still don’t have access to the one thing they need most, cashflow.

We’ve created a funding platform that doesn’t require a bank or a balance sheet to get funds into the accounts of small business owners. Plug in today. Fund tomorrow.

The technology behind the platform has evolved over more than a decade.

It is designed to enable you to deliver a frictionless funding journey to your merchant. You bring the brand and the merchants and we provide the tech, operations and funding.

Increase Core Revenue

With access to funding for things like inventory, equipment and new hires, your merchants will grow their sales overnight.

Loyalty guaranteed

Build a moat around your business by offering your merchants embedded funding critical to the ongoing growth of their business.

Become a funder

Make our upside your upside by investing in your merchants alongside us.

Let's Recap.

Increase the loyalty and lifetime value of your merchants by introducing funding as a value added service.

Recap | Embedded Funding Solutions
Recap | Embedded Funding Solutions

Funding that is embedded in your platform.

We are unrestricted and unsecured – you don’t tell your merchants how to allocate their capital, so why should we?

We charge a once-off, upfront and transparent fee. Your merchants choose their amount and their term – the ultimate flexibility in funding. The funding is repaid as a small % of your merchants’ sales, making it easier than ever for your merchants to manage their finances. Your merchants can access more when they need it through our Re-Advance Product.


Awarded for product innovation of the year by the Global SME Finance Forum.

Innovation in Fintech means harnessing our unique cloud-based technology to put the merchant at the forefront of everything we do.


Merchant growth in one platform.

Creating value for your merchants has never been this easy. Recap provides everything you need to know about funding your merchants in one platform. Simple, Convenient, Online.